How to Use Vibrant Colours in Your Home

Use vibrant colours to inject personality into your home. For some people using vibrant colours can be a bit daunting, if you feel like this start by using them as an accent colour in your design scheme. For example introduce colour in accessories.

Tropical colours such as hot pinks, electric blues and sunny yellows can be cooled down by using with lots of white. Look for a bold floral fabric for your curtains and then pick out the colours for plain cushions – keep walls white and floors neutral.

Acid brights such as bright greens, yellows and turquoises also look really great with lots of white. In a lounge choose a statement chair in one of these colours, add a colourful rug and some bright accessories and then keep the rest of the furniture and walls white. This is a very contemporary look and a key trend at the moment. Don’t be afraid of mixing and clashing these colours as they can work very well together as long as you use some neutrals as well.

Reds are a popular choice for adding vibrancy to a room. Red is a powerful colour that can create a dramatic impact in rooms and is particularly good in dining rooms as it is said to encourage appetite, it also works well in bedrooms as it is also said to be a passionate colour!

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